Music – The feel that heals!

Pari, a creative professional sits by the window, as her senses bathe in the soulful musical fusion of the rain showers and her favourite Bollywood number Rhim jhim gire sawan. Who can imagine that just 20 minutes before these joyful and tranquil moments, Pari was juggling between innumerable work video calls. Her mind boggled, chaotic and lost in the WFH culture. Needless to say, that music has this innate power to transport the human mind from chaos to peace, just like it did for Pari.

Today, in times when the Covid pandemic continues to challenge our quest for survival, our mental and emotional state and our social ecosystem, the need for music has turned into a universal one. Music has always been imbibed with unchallenged dynamism, and this time it goes beyond its art to don the role of a therapist which our hearts and minds urgently need.

Music therapy with its prismatic approach lights up and touches life in diverse ways.

Striking the Equilibrium – Maintaining the balance between professional work and household chores 24/7 is a Herculean task. This is where music steps in as a breather and soothes the chaotic mind. Few minutes of nostalgic music or perhaps the peppy beat numbers can aid in beautifully realigning the moments of life.

The Fun Buddy – Our social ecosystem has hit an all-time low, where we crave to meet and connect with friends. The need for socializing and the loneliness due to the lack of it, has led to several individuals going into depression and feeling anxious. Here again, music turns into that companion we all need. The upbeat numbers turn into your dancing partner, the soulful instrumental piece becomes the 3am friend, some grunge heavy metal music could make for your punching bag and of course the Bollywood romantic numbers can transport you to a romantic karaoke session with your loved one.

Yoga for the Mind & Heart – When nothing seems aasaan it’s the musicaasan that can do wonders for the heart, mind, body & soul. Starting the day with some devotional, Carnatic or folk music can bring great inner strength. For example, listening to Om chants produces vibrations that helps focus, meditate and calm-down.

The Liberator – Producing music can bring along a sense of liberation in an individual and help us break-free from the confines of despair and low morale. Learning how to play a musical instrument, joining a Bollywood/Zumba dance class can get the adrenaline rushing and generate optimism. This can give that feeling of innovation and achievement in otherwise stagnant and defying times.

The Motivator – While making the presentation or thinking of that big idea for an advertising campaign or even preparing a blueprint of an architectural plan, listening to music goes a long way in enhancing the level of productivity and bringing some noteworthy results.

Friends, music is fluid, feasible and is that therapist we need at all times. It is the song needed on life’s playlist so that we can silence the pandemonium that surround us.

So start creating your own playlist, silence the misery of these Covid times with music therapy. Go on; heal yourself and those around you with music – It’s the sure shot prescription for happiness!

Here’s a glimpse of how it plays out:

Music – The feel that heals!






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