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Get back in office. Get back in rhythm!

It was a relaxed Sunday evening. I sat at my favourite place in the house, my lounge chair. While sipping my hot coffee concoction, I navigated the pages of the popular book Ikigai. The book revolves around realizing one’s hopes and expectations. In simpler words, it’s all about finding a reason to jump out of bed every morning.

My mind drifted to the pre-Covid days when we professionals would unwind on a Sunday evening and gear up for the week ahead, deciding what to wear for Monday motivation, both in terms of wardrobe and attitude. We had countless reasons to practice Ikigai! Not that we aren’t motivated now, but the pandemic, which continues, has changed the story for professionals across the globe.

As the vaccination drive gathers its pace with every passing day, organizations are gearing up to call their employees back to office, some for a few days of the week and some for all days. But this time, the scenario isn’t the same. With hybrid emotions residing in almost everyone’s minds, will it be about bouncing back to office or will it be about backing out from going back to office. That remains to be seen in the imminent future!

It’s been almost 2 years since we have been striving to succeed in the times of this pandemic. The battle is far from over. It’s imperative to gauge feelings of employees and work towards addressing their anxiousness. Gaining insight into what they feel about returning to work will go a long way in creating solutions that make the employee feel secure and wanting to stay with the organization.

Interestingly, many surveys have concluded that the main reason employees wanted to be back to work is because they felt the need to reconnect with their colleagues and rekindle their working relationships. No matter how reserved or outgoing a person is, everyone needs some sort of connection and sense of belonging. Hence it becomes imperative for managements to emphasize new norms that support connections and fuel community building.

As companies explore ways to make the ‘Back To Office’ feeling more safe, sound and secure, there’s a common note that binds the Concern, Compassion and Connect we bring to the workplace as we empower professionals to find their Ikigai, when they bounce back to work!

Music has an intrinsic value of being fluid. It therefore adapts to every need and can prove to be a powerful catalyst in making the return to work experience a pleasant one for the workforce.

For instance, while you look for ways to minimize the anxiety and fear that resides in the minds of your workforce, you could explore an innovative means of creating a customized playlist that helps curb the anxiety and fear in your employees’ mind.

As you turn flexible towards your team, a great way to keep the ones working remotely, and those in office connected, is through musical programs like talent hunts, felicitation events, dedicated performances, digital music concerts, etc. This will aid in keeping both kinds of employees connected, and you never know, the ones working from home may feel tempted to return to the work premise yet again.

Friends, as our arms get the jab of a safer life, on our shoulders rests the responsibility to ease the path of return for our workforce. Whether employees choose to join, stay or leave, will largely depend on factors like organizational culture, flexibility and employment practices. But it is certain that in these challenging times, everyone is finding their reason to jump out of bed in the morning, with a deeper purpose to follow. So, let’s strike the right note of music as your team finds its Ikigai!  







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